Understand How to Stay Ahead of the Curve with FLP

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The Future Leaders Programme aims to provide our delegates with an effective compass to help them navigate across the following three storms:

1. The digital revolution is behind us and our retail landscape will never be the same

Giant corporations are not immortal. We are gradually becoming aware of the fact that no company lasts forever in the face of the current transition. It seems economic history is accelerating and you can now become irrelevant overnight. In the last decade alone, many once-powerful players have died or become the shadow of what they once were.

That’s why the FLP will feature targeted workshops on how to lead in a “multispeed environment”.

• The top-down standardised way of doing business doesn’t work anymore. To stay relevant in today’s data-driven business world, you must know your customers better than they know themselves. We have never collected so many data...but often we are at a loss when it comes to integrating those data and creating value out of them.

Our FLP “disruptive afternoon” aims to help you move forward with a session on how to “use big data to help people live better”.

• Mass-production and mass-consumption are dying. In the digital realm personalisation can be achieved at scale. So what used to be a privilege for the few is now expected by all. Algorithm-fueled services and experiences, targeted communication have transformed consumer expectations: they want to feel special all the time!

Don’t miss our session on the “Digital Maturity Matrix” to guide you through your digital transformation.

2. Today’s consumers have greater expectations than ever before

• Consumers have been spoilt by Amazon and the like. They demand “ultra-convenience”. Why make do with same-day deliveries when you can ask for same-hour deliveries? Consumers expect the shopping experience to be seamless and fully integrated. Online or offline is irrelevant as long as the experience is seamless and easy.

This year’s “disruptive afternoon” will also feature “startup stories” and “big ideas to bring home to your company” so you get concrete ideas of how these new expectations can be met.

• Experience matters more than product. In the age of Instagram, you will no longer make a difference with price alone. You must leave an impression. Shopping must be fun or educational or pleasurable or all of these things combined. It seems more and more of today’s consumers find the shopping mall experience too boring: over the last three years, US shopping malls have lost 50% of their visitors!

With our Stockholm store visits, you can watch first hand how some of Sweden’s best digital, grocery and non-food players manage to continuously please their customers.

• Brands without a purpose will suffer more and more, because consumers “don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, as Start with WHY author Simon Sinek likes to repeat. Sinek also wrote that “trust is maintained when values and beliefs are actively managed. If companies do not actively work to keep clarity, discipline and consistency in balance, then trust starts to break down”.

“Building leaders for companies with purpose” is the focus of this year’s FLP. Enjoy the insights and stories of some of the most inspiring CEOs and leaders, including a “conductor’s perspective on leading with purpose”.

3. Our planet is facing an unprecedented natural resources crisis: we must learn to make do with only one planet

• Our planet is heading for an "ecological credit crunch" far worse than any economic crisis we have experienced. Over-use of these resources is getting worse as populations and consumption keep growing faster than the ways we can make production sustainable. By 2030, mankind will need two planets to maintain its lifestyle. However, the finiteness of our resources is not just a matter of principle anymore: consumers demand that we invent new sustainable ways to produce and distribute.

Our FLP event will offer numerous sessions on the subject: for example, “how IKEA turns waste into resources”.

• Local, organic, healthy and sustainable are all the rage because they provide consumers with a convincing why. Brands that do not embrace these new trends could soon become irrelevant. Newer models that favour local and seasonal are increasingly popular and are expected to continue to gain momentum in the future.

Our “innovative journey to where high tech can have its highest positive impact on society” will present ambitious purpose-driven startups that aim to reduce food waste, manage sustainability, etc.

• Technology offers new exciting ways to improve value-chain transparency so we can aim for less waste, more authenticity, and higher quality. Before the supply chain function, the origins of a company’s products were murky and did not matter so much to consumers. But now consumers, corporations and governments demand more and more details about the sources and systems that deliver the goods. The companies that can answer provenance questions with more accuracy than their competitors will have an edge.

The FLP provides many resources and tools to help you harness your energy to ride the storms and create positive change - healthy body, healthy planet, healthy profit.


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