Building Leaders For Companies With Purpose


It is no longer enough to be a great communicator, financier or project manager to make it to your company’s executive team. Business needs, consumers and technology are changing fast and future leaders must understand how to recognise these shifts. These challenges provide a clear opportunity for business to innovate and have a positive impact on both people and planet. At this year’s Future Leaders Programme, we are committed to helping you tackle how and why. Understand concretely what building a strategy and a company with purpose really means, and how technology can be used to drive positive impact on people, planet and profit. Gain insights that have helped develop both sustainable careers and long-term, sustainable business growth. With a focus on inspiring you to do business the right way, the 62nd Future Leaders Programme has been designed to build leaders for companies with purpose. If your company is looking to make positive changes, this year’s FLP will ensure your collective future begins in Stockholm.

Objectives of the FLP Programme:

• To help companies plan their succession by investing in their future leaders
• To help companies reward, motivate and retain the best people
• To communicate the scope, depth and challenges of today’s global consumer goods business to young managers
• To help future leaders to develop their potential to become part of senior management
• To enhance future leaders’ personal contribution to the business in terms of strategy, operations and leadership.

What the FLP can do for you:

• Share insights from international thought-leaders on strategy and leadership;

• Benchmark and share knowledge through interactive multi-cultural workshops;

• Create new and long-lasting contacts in the industry;

• Participate in a collaborative manufacturer-retailer workshop focused on designing the store of the future;

• Visit and analyse the most innovative store formats.

Why should high potential Managers attend?

• Build a global network

• Share cross-sector best practices

• Learn from today's CEOs

• Get practical insights from multi-channel store visits

• Recognise top talent and realise their potential

Do not miss this opportunity to encourage the top talent within your company to take part in this unique experience. It will advance both your company and our industry.

John C. JoveA word by John Charles Jové, Vice President, International Retail, PepsiCo, Former Chairman, Future Leaders Programme: 

'If you attended the 61st edition of the Future Leaders Congress in London, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. If you didn’t, don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at the image gallery and read through the excellent Executive Summary. You’ll soon understand why this is such a revered industry event, and why so many people come back year after year.'

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