3 "Deep Dive" Store Visits that Span Digital, Grocery & Non-Food

This year’s Store Visits programme will take a "deep dive" into three different categories: both physical and virtual. Along the journey, we will immerse ourselves in the stores involved, focusing on the role of technology, innovation, consumer engagement and, of course, each company’s definition of and approach to “purpose”. This will include health and well-being, product safety and environmental and social sustainability.

Online: Follow our “Digital DJ” from McKinsey & Company, who will bring FLP delegates armed with laptop or smartphone on a tour around some of the best online shopping sites in Sweden. The country with the highest internet penetration and literacy has produced forward-looking retail concepts that will surely inspire you. A “Digital DJ” brings delegates, equipped with their PCs, tablets and smart phones, on a tour around several compelling online shopping sites. 

Digital DJ McKinsey

Grocery: Take a deep dive into ICA Gruppen, the largest grocery retailer in Sweden, with a visit to a flagship store in Stockholm, where you can see with your own eyes what ICA’s “focus on food and health” consists of and how the company defines purpose in a very concrete way.

In 1917 Hakon Swenson started Hakonbolaget, from which today’s ICA originated. ICA Gruppen is a new group formed in 2013 – but like its predecessor ICA AB, its core business is grocery retail. It is mainly active in four geographical markets: Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and is also represented in Finland through Hemtex.

The ICA concept, in which individual retailers work together to combine diversity and local adaptation with economies of scale and efficiency, remains a cornerstone of the company. Today, the group has 2,103 wholly-owned or retailer-owned stores and pharmacies in its four geographical markets.


Non Food: Learn some valuable secrets from the world’s most iconic furniture retailer, IKEA, with a privileged visit to Kungens Kurva, the largest - 63,200 square meters - and oldest IKEA store in the world.

First opened in 1965, and as the 3rd IKEA store in existence, IKEA Kungens Kurva has been the flagship store since its ground-breaking beginnings. Its nine floors, handling 1,000 cubic metres of goods per day, are housed in the impressive round building. Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, drew inspiration in his design from the Guggenheim Museum in New York. This led to him creating IKEA’s trademark maze-like layout that we all love today.

And, to handle the average 10,000 daily visitors, the IKEA Kungens Kurva store was also the pioneering location for the innovative “self-serve” concept that you find in IKEA stores around the world today. However, none remain as impressive as what you will find in the original self-serve store. It welcomes 4,000,000 visitors per year – averaging 8,000 on a normal day and 20,000 on a busy day – and employs 900 workers from 60 countries, speaking 49 different languages. IKEA’s flagship store is truly a sight and experience to behold. 


IKEA Kungens Kurva


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